Up-to-Date Digital Business Cards for Efficient Networking

Create a business card that your connections won’t throw in the trash

Access From Any Device with Ease

CARTLY® is a cloud based WebApp, which means no app download and easy access anytime, anywhere, from any connected device.

add your virtual business card to your home screen

Track Your Performance in Real Time

See how many people view your digital business card and make instant updates to generate a better response.

Improve Networking Opportunities

Easily keep your digital business card information up to date and effortlessly connect with people locally or around the globe.

Interactive Communication with In-Depth Information

Traditional business cards are useful, but they can’t hold a whole lot of information. Plus, if you want to update your information, you’re going to spend a lot of time and money.

CARTLY® keeps your traditional business card, but brings it online for innovative communication:

Personalize an in-depth profile and instantly update information at any time

Exchange with your existing network and communicate with your target audience

Translate your business card into English, French, or German with multilingual capabilities

Share company news and information with prospects and customers

Reduce costs by simplifying the creation of cards for you and your employees

A Business Card Designed for Greater Revenue

The whole purpose of business cards is marketing, so we designed CARTLY® to be better at generating sales, creating opportunities, and achieving greater revenue. With built-in statistics, you can track details including visits, clicks, business card downloads, and more.

Plus, instead of having to type your email or phone number into a device to save your contact information, all viewers must do is click to save your contact information in their device.

Collect leads and export them to your existing CRM

Generate leads directly through your digital business card using Contact Exchange

Drive traffic by linking your card to your website, online resources, or social media pages

Improve reception rates by analyzing the number of views and clicks

Use QR code or unique link to easily share profile with prospects and connections

An Efficient Business Card Solution

CARTLY® is built for business, which is why we made the onboarding process simple. Each business has their own portal and can efficiently create and manage new users and digital business cards. Whether you need 50, a few hundred or even thousands, CARTLY® will allow you to create or update them in seconds.

Centralize the management of your organization’s digital business cards

Create multiple admins or assign existing users with admin rights to manage your account

Create unlimited teams to organize your users

Monitor statistics and contacts for each user

No More Lost, Disposed, or Out-of-Date Cards

Let’s face it, carrying around business cards is not only a hassle, but it’s also one more thing to think about. Now, you can always carry an infinite number of business cards with you, without worrying about whether you have them on you, or that anyone will lose it or throw it in the garbage.

Contactless networking with online profiles

Less waste, less cost, less mistreatment to the planet

Never run out of cards or hand out incorrect information

Convenience for every connection

Update Your Business Cards, Upgrade Your Business

Calculate your savings

A positive contribution to the planet and your wallet