Introducing CARTLY Pro Your Digital Networking Companion

Meet CARTLY Pro, providing everything you need to turn business cards into your strongest marketing tool. Go Pro to get all the features designed to push you and your team into a league of your own.

CARTLY Pro gives you exclusive access to fully customizable business card templates, which you can tweak to meet your brand’s identity. Create up to 50 digital business cards with automated delegate access, so you can onboard your entire team easily and effortlessly.

Thought we were done? Not so fast. CARTLY Pro also lets you lock and unlock specific information fields on your online business cards thanks to the permission control functionality, ensuring all company content is neatly and consistently displayed across all of your cards. You can even assign admin rights to as many team members as needed.

The best part? CARTLY Pro lets you track everything via advanced statistics, from views to devices, clicks, interactions, geolocation, QR code scans, contact exchanges, and so much more. This way, you’ll always know exactly how your digital business cards are being accessed and viewed, so you can develop your network with more laser-targeted precision.

With our digital business card app you can share your online business cards whenever, wherever. You can even integrate your unique CARTLY URL and QR Code across your entire online and offline posture, including:

Email signatures

Social media profiles


Sales documents

Admin documents

Brochures, pitches & product catalogues

Exhibition stands, posters, ads and company collateral

Website team pages

Video conferencing backgrounds


Seamless integration with Apple or Google wallet for sharing convenience. The ability to receive contacts directly from your digital business card through a “Contact Exchange” button. One-tap translate and support in English, French, and German. Join the many small to medium sized companies already using CARTLY Pro.