With CARTLY Shine Bright in
the Digital World

Handing out paper business cards is so last century.
Get with the times and put the CARTLY digital business card into your smartphone.

There’s no shortage of people out there with the same skills as you. But by making the right first impression, others won’t stand a chance. CARTLY Starter is the ultimate digital business card solution for individuals who are ready to bid farewell to wasteful paper business cards. Ditch the paper trail and bring your business card online, so you can share constantly-up-to-date information with clients and partners you encounter every day.

From your phone number to your email address, company logo, portfolio, and more, a CARTLY digital business card has room for everything a physical one doesn’t, and the fact that it’s digital means people can redirect to links directly without worrying about manually inputting information incorrectly. Create and manage everything from one central space and share your online business card using your unique link or QR code.

How are you online business cards faring?

How many views are you getting per day?

Who is saving your contact details?

CARTLY always keeps you in the know, with the ability to monitor and measure your digital business card performance from one central dashboard.

What will YOU do with your CARTLY digital business card?

Get creative, get connecting, and get growing.