Easily manage and deploy for your business

We designed CARTLY® for businesses. As a result, we understand the complexity and costs associated with designing, printing, deploying and maintaining paper business cards.

That is why we provide businesses with an easy-to-use turnkey solution, where the creation process is simplified, costs are reduced, and deployment time is short.

Creating hundreds of digital business cards takes only a few minutes; we provide onboarding features for companies with a large number of employees to create hundreds or thousands of digital business cards.

Create teams to manage and segement your users, monitor the performance of users by viewing their statistics and view, download or export the contacts collected by your company’s cards.

CARTLY® Business and Premium are well suited for companies looking to digitize their business cards. We provide a easy way for your company to implement and deploy as many digital business cards as you need, in a short amount of time, with consistent company branding.

Switch to CARTLY® and start getting a real return on investment