Eco-friendly solution for digital business cards

88% of paper business cards are thrown out in less than a week. This means that the longevity of a paper business card is very short and of single-use.

At CARTLY®, we want to make a difference and reduce the millions of business cards printed every day and thrown out every week. We believe in a sustainable digital solution which provides significant advantages, reduced costs, and a reduced carbon footprint than traditional paper business cards.

CARTLY® is a eco-friendly digital business card solution that allows you to transform your business cards into an interactive profile, accessible via smartphone, tablet, and PC. The CARTLY® WebApp is hosted in a data center that uses 100% renewable electricity and has an energy efficiency ratio (PUE) of less than 1.1, the most ecological in Switzerland!

By switching to CARTLY®’s eco-friendly digital business cards, you reduce your design and production costs.

Leverage a digital solution to grow your business and network while measuring performance and boosting your digital channels.

Start saving money and paper today