How to make a digital business card?

With CARTLY, it is effortless to create a digital business card. Do you know how to make a digital business card with CARTLY?

  • Create your free account by clicking the Create Account button in the navigation bar.
  • Log in to your CARTLY account and, from the dashboard, click on Create card.
  • Fill in the necessary information for your digital business card and save it.
  • From the dashboard, select View to access your digital business card, or select Share to copy your unique link and share your business card via your favorite app.

It is straightforward to create a digital business card with CARTLY; it takes less than two minutes and is compatible with all devices connected to the Internet without the need to install an application.

CARTLY keeps your traditional business card but puts it online for an innovative communication

  • Personalize an in-depth profile and instantly update information at any time.
  • Exchange with your existing network and communicate with your target audience.
  • Translate your business card into many different languages.
  • Share company news and information with your prospects and customers.
  • Reduce costs by simplifying the creation of cards for you and your employees.

A Business Card Designed for Greater Revenue

The primary purpose of business cards is marketing. So we designed CARTLY to be better at generating sales, creating opportunities, and achieving more significant revenue. You can track details with built-in statistics, including visits, clicks, business card downloads, and more.

  • Collect leads and export them to your existing CRM
  • Generate leads directly through your digital business card using Contact Exchange
  • Drive traffic by linking your card to your website, online resources, or social media pages
  • Improve reception rates by analyzing the number of views and clicks
  • Use a QR code or unique link to easily share a profile with prospects and connections

Go digital and create your free business card!